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Where To Find A Nice Scandinavian Coffee Table For Your Home

Shopping for a Scandinavian coffee table in Singapore shouldn’t be a problem. There are many excellent furniture shops all over the island. And some of them are featured in this article. Many Singaporean homeowners are looking for Scandinavian furniture. This is because it fits perfectly in their modern and minimalist homes. A nice coffee table will complete the look of your living room. Check out the following shops.


If you’re looking for a Scandinavian coffee table in Singapore then you need to check out Noden. This independent store was established in 2013. It offers handpicked vintage Scandinavian furniture from 1940s to 1960s. The furniture they offer were designed by some of the most talented designers and furniture makers. Apart from vintage furniture they also offer modern pieces that are just as stylish and elegant. This store is the brainchild of Tawan and Marko. The two are avid collectors of Scandinavian furniture with a wonderful sense of style. Visiting their showroom is like going to a museum because the pieces they offer are like works of art.

Born In Colour

Bourn in Colour has a mission. And that is to provide affordable high quality designer furniture to Singaporeans. They are able to offer their pieces at affordable prices because they work directly with manufacturers. This means that they cut out the middleman to reduce the price of their products. They also have their own studio to avoid renting space at a mall that can cost a lot of money. Then they pass on the savings to their customers. They can curate pieces to any size or type of home. They work closely with designers to make sure that their pieces are trendy and functional.

Danish Design Co.

Danish Design Co specialises in furniture that is designed and manufactured in Europe. All of their pieces are meticulously produced and are made by some of the best craftsmen in the world. Their collection includes a combination of vintage and modern pieces. The collection in their Singapore showroom is just a small part of their entire offering. All of the furniture being offered is customisable to meet the needs of the customers. You can choose the colour. design, and the materials used for your customised furniture. They use materials that are toxin free and are obtained and produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Homes To Life

If you’re looking for a Scandinavian coffee table in Singapore but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you need to check out Homes To Life. This shop offers high quality yet affordable furniture. And if you want to save more money, you should watch out for their seasonal sale events where they offer big discounts on their products. They specialise in clean, contemporary, and minimalistic furniture. They also offer customised furniture. This company was with the vision of helping Singaporean homeowners to express their individuality through well designed furniture. They have a total of five stores in the island and they are all strategically located.


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