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General Warranty Policy

At Kian Hong Cycle, we provide full support for the products we distribute by offering warranty and/or repair services. Warranty covers only defective materials and workmanship and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.

Warranty Period

The duration of warranty depends on the product. Please check out the individual warranty policies for the product or check with us if in doubt.


This warranty does not cover the consequences of:

1. Normal wear and tear or maintenance issues

2. Abnormal strain, neglect, abuse or misuse

3. Accident or collision damage

4. Lack of routine and proper maintenance

5. Improper or failure to follow instruction for assembly, installation or use

6. Modification of original parts or installation of incompatible parts

7. Repairs not performed by authorized service center

8. Damage or loss from shipping, transportation or storage

Important: Note that we reserve the right to reject the claim of a product which we have good reason to believe has been grey marketed (parallel imported).

Claim Procedure

When submitting a claim, the consumer must:

1. Obtain and fill out a copy of the warranty claim form with the problems clearly stated. Note that a different claim form should be used only for FOX fork and shock products. The warranty claim forms may be downloaded above.

2. Return the complete defective product with the purchase receipt (important!) to us through the bike shop.

3. If approved, the repaired or replacement product will be returned to the consumer through the bike shop.


Warranty is at the full discretion of Kian Hong Cycle. We reserve the right to all final decisions on warranty or non-warranty and on warranty repair or replacement.

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