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Singapore Businesses Can Save Money Making VoIP Calls

VOIP call

A large number of companies in Singapore have at least a few customers, vendors and business associates outside the country. While email and chat are used extensively for business communication, employees still have to make phone calls to their business associates, especially for marketing a product or service. However, the cost of making international phone calls is very high, due to telecom service provider charges, increasing the business expenses. Hence many business owners are interested in getting more information on cheaper alternatives for making phone calls. They would like to find out how to make a VoIP call, additional hardware and other changes required to convert their business telephone system to an office telephone system.


The VoIP call is using the latest VoIP cloud technology to make phone calls at a low cost. The cost of data transfer over the internet is far lower than the cost of making a conventional phone call. So the VoIP technology converts the sound into digital format to transfer it over the internet. The digitised data is then converted back into analogue form at the recipient. So the VoIP provider is using the existing internet infrastructure for making phone calls, he does not have to invest money in additional infrastructure. Hence the cost of making VoIP calls is usually lower.


Since VoIP connections require internet connectivity, a business planning to use a VoIP phone system should have a properly working modem and router. Almost all businesses in Singapore already have a router and modem in their office, so usually, no additional hardware expenses are required. They will also require a reliable internet connection with an adequate bandwidth. In some cases, it may be necessary to upgrade the bandwidth of the internet connection. The VoIP software makes it possible to make phone calls both from smartphones as well as desktop computers that have a microphone and speakers.

VoIP Package

In addition to saving money, a large number of Singapore businesses are opting for VoIP office phone systems because of their excellent features. The entire system can be set up within 24 to 48 hours. In addition to extremely clear phone calls without any noise, the VoIP system has many of the features of a call centre. It is very easy to record phone conversations so that they can be retrieved at a later date. It is very easy to add new users to the VoIP system, no additional wiring or technical support is required. A free app is provided for installation on smartphones as well as desktops so that users can make phone calls from any gadget


Before choosing a VoIP provider a business should find out the phone usage of the employees, which countries they are making phone calls to, and how often they are making these phone calls. Most of the VoIP providers have specified the rates for phone calls to different countries like USA, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, UK and these rates should be compared. The cost will vary depending on the number of users, and this phone system is recommended for at least five users. Depending on the business requirement, they can pay monthly or save some money annually.

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