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All service work for FOX FORX and SHOX should be performed by an Authorized FOX Service Center. Any work done on the fork or shock not by FOX Service Centers voids its warranty immediately.

Here are some of the service works that we do at Kian Hong Cycle and the costs for non-warranty services:

1) Fork Servicing: $60 + Cost of Parts
– Oil change
– Inspection of fork externals and internals
– Seal change
– Fork dust wiper change

2) Rear Shock Air Sleeve Maintenance: $30 + Cost of Parts
– Cleaning of shock externals and internals
– Change of sleeve seals
– Change of DU bushings

3) Rear Shock Full Service: $80 + Cost of Parts
– Sleeve seal maintenance
– Oil change
– Inspection of shock damping components
– Nitrogen recharge
– Damping seals change

4) DH Valving Upgrade: $80 + Parts $75
– Change to special racing shock body, pistons, shim configuration, etc.
– Ultra plush bottomless-feel compression
– Upgraded high speed compression valving
– More controlled rebound
– Firmer, better adjustment range for low speed compression.

5) Big Hit Valving Upgrade: $80 + Parts $75
– Same as DH valving, but special valving for hucking and going big.
803-15-000-A Kit: Valving, Vanilla RC, Big Hit ($75)

6) Pro Pedal Upgrade: $80 + Parts $75/$55
– Upgrade 2001-03 Float R, RL and Vanilla R, RC to Pro Pedal
803-00-209 Kit: Pro Pedal Upgrade, Float RL 7.875 x 2.0 ($75)
803-00-210 Kit: Pro Pedal Upgrade, Float RL 6.5 x 1.5 ($55)
803-00-211 Kit: Pro Pedal Upgrade, Float R, Vanilla R, Vanilla RC ($55)

7) AVA Sleeve Upgrade: $80 + Parts $155
– Same as Air sleeve maintenance, but with Air sleeve changed to AVA sleeve for better tuning of shock progression at end stroke.
803-00-088 Kit: AVA – Air Sleeve for 6.50″ X 1.50 Float ($155)
803-00-089 Kit: AVA – Air Sleeve for 7.875″ X 2.00 Float ($155)


  1. A one month warranty is offered for all servicing work.
  2. All the prices above are in Singapore Dollars and exclude GST which will be added.

Procedure to send in a fork or shock for service

  1. Obtain and fill out the FOX Service Form[PDF 118kb]including a description of the problems (if any) before sending in the fork or shock to Kian Hong Cycle directly or through your Fox dealer.
  2. If claiming warranty, the original purchase receipt must be attached.
  3. The serviced fork or shock will be returned as instructed. The owner is responsible for any shipping or transportation cost.

We also stock common FOX parts such as:

– Fork springs, rear shock springs

– Fork oil

– Sleeve seals

– DU bushings

– Decals

– Shock reducers

– Float fluid

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