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Esmond service center offers macbook battery replacement

Many professionals in Singapore prefer to purchase a macbook since they can use it at their workplace, home and while travelling. One of the reasons why the macbook is more versatile compared to a conventional desktop is because it can be used even when it is not connected to a power supply. The battery is one of the most important parts of the macbook, and the energy stored in the battery will power the laptop, when it does not get ac power. Like other components of the laptop, the battery can also fail, and in this case the macbook owner would want more information on where to go to get their macbook battery replaced in Singapore.


Esmond service centre is one of the most reputed service centres in Singapore offering battery replacement for all types of macbooks. The business has more than ten years experience in macbook , desktop, smartphone, tablet repair so it can source the spare parts required for repair at the lowest price. While there are Apple authorized service centres in Singapore, the cost of repairs especially battery replacement will be high. In comparison, the rates for repair at Esmond service are lower, since they have lower overheads, and lower profit margins to remain competitive.


Customers who are facing a problem with their macbook, can contact us for an appointment, so that our skilled staff can check the macbook to find out what the problem is. Alternately they can ask for a quote, to compare our repair charges with others. While some problems like a bloated battery are immediately obvious, and should be fixed immediately, since the the battery could catch fire, other problems will require more testing. For example, the macbook may shut down automatically due to a number of problems like hardware, software or battery related, so our staff will test the macbook to identify the problem accurately.


Other battery related problems are that the macbook does not work when it is not connected to a power supply, or the battery is getting drained very quickly within one hour. In these cases, replacing the battery is the best option. After the client has approved the battery replacement, our staff will remove the malfunctioning battery. We have replacement batteries for almost all models of macbooks which are widely used in Singapore like the Macbook, Macbook-Air, Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro-Retina. Hence our technician will quickly replace the battery with a new battery so that the macbook functions properly.


After replacing the battery, we will test the macbook. We realize that our clients have a very busy schedule, so we usually complete the macbook repair replacing the defective battery within one hour. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to diagnose the problem in the macbook accurately, so that the user faces no problems after the macbook is repaired. Our customers can be assured of the quality of our services, since we offer a warranty of up to five years, on the macbooks we repair. Hence for fast, reliable battery replacement for all models of macbook in Singapore at affordable rates, macbook owners should contact us.

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