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Choosing a study table for children

kids study table

The career of a person depends to some extent on his or her academic records. Hence it is necessary to ensure that every student studies well in school and college. Most students spend many hours at home studying. Students are more likely to study if they have a well designed and comfortable study table. The height of children is increasing every year, so parents would like to find a table whose height can be easily adjusted based on the height of the user . Some tips on finding a suitable ergonomically designed study table for children Singapore are listed below.


Table height

Since the height of school going children is rapidly increasing every year, the ideal height of the table for the student will also change. If the height of the table is not proper, the student will often slouch, while using the table, resulting in poor posture. It is also expensive to purchase a new table every year to match the height of the student. Hence, it is better to purchase a study table whose height can be easily adjusted. Typically the height of the table can be increased by at least 25 cm to match the changing height of the student. A crank handle is provided to adjust the height at either side



The table should be large enough, so that there is enough space for doing all the homework allotted and other activities, as well as storage space. The children are using the table for reading and writing, so the table should have enough space for keeping the larger books. There should be storage space for keeping the pens, pencils, rubbers, crayons, markers, painting brush, ideally in a sliding drawer. Students are using a large number of books like textbooks, notebooks, storybooks, and it is better to choose a table with enough storage for these books, so that they can be accessed easily whenever required. 



Children may use the table roughly, so it is advisable to purchase a durable table made from high quality material. To prevent scratches on the table, the table top should have a top layer which is made from wear or scratch resistant material. Below this a reinforcement layer should be provided, above the core material, made from Albizzia Falcata wood. For greater strength and durability the legs should be made from high quality stainless steel, which does not corrode, when water or other liquids are spilled on it. The stainless steel legs should be welded together.


Other features

It should be possible to write on the table surface using markers and then wipe it off. Ideally the table should have hooks on the side, so that the student can easily hang his school bag, and access it quickly when he requires any book. In some homes, the flooring is not even, so the table should have levelers, to adjust the table height if required. It is better to select a table with a tilt-able desk, so that the angle can be adjusted based on whether the student is writing, reading or drawing. 

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