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3 Incredible Features of Samsung Digital Locks in Singapore

TYpes of Digital Locks For your Doors

Digital locks have seen a recent boom in popularity over the course of the pandemic, and are still on a rise for demand in Singapore. With this cutting-edge technology, you can tap your smartphone, enter a PIN on a keypad, or even remotely open the door to gain access.


And of all the brands out there, Samsung offers some of the most useful digital lock features. Here are some of the features that Samsung digital locks in Singapore have to offer.


1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

A crucial component of Samsung smart digital lock systems is wireless communication. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks are integral features for digital locks. This enhances lock-to-system signal transfer and allows connection to other security systems such as alarm systems, cell phones, and home automation controllers. The Wi-Fi compatibility of Samsung digital locks also allows you to grant access to visitors wherever you are.


2. Lock Alarm

There may be times when you are in a hurry to leave your home that you forget to manually lock the door. This can be a major security risk. But Samsung has you covered in that regard. Their range of digital locks have an alarm feature that alerts you if the door is not locked. Some models even have an auto-locking feature that locks the door for you upon exit.


3. Anti-Theft Security

Theft is a constant danger that many of us wish to avoid for our homes. Fortunately, Samsung digital locks can give you peace of mind with its anti-prying features. This robust security system sounds an alarm if someone tries to break or pry open your digital lock. This will not only deter the intruder, but also alert you of the potential break-in.


Explore Samsung Digital Locks in Singapore

When it comes to security, Samsung digital locks are some of the most reliable on the market in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for security or convenience, you can find a Samsung digital lock to fit your needs. If this is your first time buying digital locks for your home, consider consulting with a professional before making a final decision.

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